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Conciencia y Confluencia – Consciousness and Confluence (cyC) is a proposal of communication. It was born on April 2009, having as its main aim to consolidate a communication code to broadcast informative, educational and promotional content focused on the development of individual responsible attitudes and behaviours with our communities and natural areas to improve health and wellbeing.


Since last September we have been focused on designing a Route of Responsible Tourism between South America and South Pacific. Our aim is to create an international network of destinations and tourism services, which are deeply committed to social and environmental development through responsible practices. In a term of two (2) years we expect to consolidate intercultural exchange programmes between both areas based on volunteering and specialized tourism groups.


In recent decades, there is a new type of respectful and sensitive tourist that is looking for better understanding of cultures, ecosystems, health and wellbeing, visiting unconventional destinations while are creating transcendent experiences. They are trying to learn about new cultures from an intercultural perspective, where their approach to host communities’ livelihood and with the conservation of protected areas is an important attribute for their travel experience.


We deeply believe that it is possible to bring travel services to these tourists. For this reason, and taking into account the audience that is already following this proposal, to select destinations for this route we are focused on three (3) categories: Passages, Conservation and Yoga

As complement to these destinations, we are contacting different kinds of service’s providers (accommodation, meals, etc.) to broadcast information of initiatives of Responsible Consuming.

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