The World Parks Congress and its vision

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Last November (2014), cyC attended the magnificent IUCN World Parks Congress in Sydney. This outstanding event allowed us to get involved with inspiring people; believers of a world where the enjoyment of protected areas and its well management can be developed together for nature and human well being.

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The Promise of Sydney

The World Park Congress (WPC) is “the decade’s most important forum to identify and communicate inspiring solutions involving protected areas for some of the world’s most pressing global challenges”. In this edition, it had as its main aim “to share knowledge and innovation, setting the agenda for protected areas conservation for the decade to come”.

The WPC’s outcome is four pillars encompassed by the “Promise of Sydney”, which is «the foundation for the pathways we can take to, over the next ten years, ensure that protected areas can be perceived as one of the best investments in our planet’s, and our own future”. It includes a vision, innovative approaches, commitments and solutions proposed by governments, international organisations, communities, civil society leaders and indigenious people. It also places the “World Heritage sites as crucial drivers of change, and models of excellence to show how protected areas can succeed as inspiring solutions for nature and people”.

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cyC on the right track

Art, education and intercultural understanding were mixed in the IUCN World Parks Congress to benefit the conservation of protected areas and human well being. It was an opportunity to get involved with organisations, projects and activities to nurture and promote this proposal and, as a consequence, we are proud of our current and potential alliances with organisations from this outstanding event.


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