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Punto Om Yoga is a centre located in San Isidro District of Lima, a Unesco World Heritage Site, which brings an enriching experience to connect with your inner self. They offer regular classes for kids, multi-level and for seniors that can be given in Spanish, English and German, depending on participant’s needs. Also, they have special classes of Kundalini, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and meditation; and workshops such as: Introduction to Kundalini’s energy, Chakras and Discovering your Inner Voice.

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The founders

Jennyfer Vallenas is a lawyer who has been dedicated to the yoga practice for more than 3 years. She attended a Power Yoga teacher training with Fred Bush and started sharing her learning with her friends. Jennyfer, accompanied by Marco Helm, founded Punto Om Yoga, a cosy space that opened last May.

Marco has experience in Ashtanga Yoga and has expressed interest in being a yoga centre wide open to share different kinds of knowledge to achieve inner development.

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About Kundalini and Synergy Yoga

Jessica Venegas is the instructor in charge of Kundalini classes. She commented that this kind of yoga was “the most reserved by Oriental elitist caste, therefore it didn’t arrive in the West until 20 years ago through Yogi Bhajan. Kundalini is called Yoga of Consciousness because it looks for mental, spiritual and emotional transcendence… Through yoga you can learn how to manage the energy to prevent sickness and low emotions; you can be aware of your body, emotions and soul while they are working together”.

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Jennyfer and Marco enjoy working through Synergy Yoga schemes without labelling the centre in that style. It helps to integrate participants through circular dynamics such as games, stretching, AcroYoga and Thai Masage.

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Punto Om Yoga is a centre where participants and instructors are crossing a path together …a path where everybody is learning.

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