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In a magic spot in Peru, at the majestic cloud forest’s entry, we can find characters which mission is focused on protecting native species lodged into this ecosystem.

The Education Centre on Conservation and Sustainable Development (Centro de Capacitación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible – CDS) is located in the buffer line of Yanachaga Chemillen’s National Park inside of the Oxampapa Ashaninka Yanesha Biosphere Reserve. Florencia Trama and Federico Rizo –with a multidisciplinary professional team specialized in wildlife research and conservation- receive us with a pleasant smile in this centre.

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Responsible Tourism and Conservation

Volunteers, tourists and professionals from all over the world visit the CDS to discover the connected pathways between each project developed in this 16 hectare of land. By exploring these passages and some interpretative trails is easy to understand where inspiration is emerging from to transform ideas into conservation’s projects. A clear example of that was a tour we made from the Centre to the National Park, where a wide variety of butterflies created a dreaming experience. That makes us realise the relevance of developing a ‘butterfly vivarium’.


Practice and experience makes perfect

A Biosphere Reserve, the National Park, a cloud forest, butterflies and orchids, interpretative trails, an organic orchard and reforestation’s proposals, bio-construction techniques applied in different areas, fostering community engagement for solid waste management improvement, and many other initiatives promoted by CDS, make clear its aim of ‘encouraging a sustainable model of thinking and life while they become a model for replicating’.

The CDS offers courses, workshops, internships and volunteer practices to learn and go deeper in conservation’s topics, and to live practical experiences which confirm that it is possible to achieve the desired changes for human well-development and environmental health.

Intercultural experience: an added value

Those who believe in the possibility of fostering a harmonious lifestyle with our environment will feel rewarding by knowing initiatives like CDS and seeing how many people from different backgrounds come together to collaborate and attend workshops and courses. Living this kind of intercultural experience in a warm and affectionate environment contributes to create a beautiful bond, which it will leave you speechless…

Therefore, you are invited to know more about the Education Centre on Conservation and Sustainable Development (Centro de Capacitación para la Conservación y el Desarrollo Sostenible – CDS) on this link:

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