Can your soul hear what mine is saying?

Can your soul hearI walked up alone with no light or lamp, while the night wrapped the forest and the shining full moon showed up in the sky. I feel relaxed meeting with the old version of myself while explored the silvered tones on nature. I remembered my first long walk under the full moon in El Paují, which manifested so many ideas 8 years ago.

I was thinking about how easy things and processes seemed to be in that season, how brave and carefree I used to be and how much do I love to be in nature. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted, something was running, it was approaching me. I couldn’t see it properly, so I created light with my hand. It stopped and ran away.

Few meters up, two balls were shining in front of my eyes. “Run away, run away”, a voice said, but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t understand or see what was happening, so I heard something running again and finally I could see it running directly to me.

I could feel its frustration, its fear and its desperation. I knew it was not because of me, it was because its life. So when I saw it only 5 cm away from hitting my body against the hills. I breathed and my soul yelled. These were not words; it was my soul communicating in its own way with its soul, in its own tone. Only my soul knows the language, only its soul could understand that message.

It was about love and empathy, it is about love and empathy.

This is the story when I was walking under a magical and bright full moon and a cow almost hit me.

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