Be with us

Currently, we are looking to create a network with organisations and companies from South America and South Pacific, if you are interested become a friend, member, ally or sponsor of this proposal.

Be a Friend
We can consolidate a friendship exchanging our services. We offer a press notice (in Spanish and English) to promote your services based on an interview and photos.

Be a Member
Individuals and organisations that want to support this proposal can become members and to have some benefits in our events (workshops, courses, tours). If you are developing responsible practices and are interested in being one of the destinations we will promote your logo on our website for a year, requesting an annual fee as contribution.  If you are an organisation your logo will be linked to your promotional press notice on next link:

Be an Ally
We are offering the promotion of your project/organisation (as it has been mentioned before) and discounts in cyC communication services such as: Communication Consultancy, Photography, Design of Content for your media, Graphic Design, Community Management, Workshops and Content Translations. The alliance will be adapted to your needs and will also be promoted in different media.

Be a Sponsor
We are also looking for organisations or companies that want to support this proposal through donations to cover some costs for accommodation, transport, meals and equipment; or buying advertisement space in our website. We will promote your products/services through our website, social media and all the material produced about the destination where you are located. We will also promote your support to this proposal.

If you want more info do not hesitate to contact: