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When I think about staying in a backpackers (hostel) many thoughts cross my mind, some of them creating an uncomfortable feeling. However, when I was in Katoomba (Blue Mountains), I was recommended to visit The Flying Fox Backpackers and after doing a short research on its website my vision changed. Then I felt the impulse to visit this place.

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The Flying Fox Backpackers

Firstly, I was attracted by its vision: “to provide a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, to cause as little negative impact on the area and to protect the environment. We endeavor to use only earth friendly cleaning products, we recycle all glass, paper & plastic. We use low energy efficient lighting and we remain conscious of our water usage. We encourage our guests to join us as we strive towards a greener sustainable future”. Afterwards I had the opportunity to stay and I could live a charming experience.

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The Flying Fox is the kind of place where strangers become new friends after sharing in front of bonfires, on “family dinners” and “social time”. Instruments, games, yoga, dance, climbing and books are part of its essence, creating the perfect environment for the guests enjoyment. They offer different types of accommodation with breakfast included, so you can stay in a 7 bed (Dorm Room), a triple or a double/twin one, and there is also a camping area for those who prefer stay at their tent.

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A place where you can feel at home

Nowadays, being busy is part of our lifestyle; it seems difficult to dedicate time for contemplation or to get connected with emotions, so we could prefer to avoid it staying focused on our mind, work or other activities. For this reason I deeply appreciated listening “social time, social time, social time” when I tried to get connected on my phone and computer from 6 to 9pm, because on that period if you want to be in the common areas you have to forget technology and enjoy your “here and now” socialising.

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It is true and easy to understand when you read “travellers find themselves returning time and time again to The Flying Fox Backpackers in Katoomba”. For this reason we recommend it into the Responsible Tourism Route promoted by cyC.

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