Ulcumano Ecolodge: An Ecotourism Reference


Ulcumano is a native tree from Oxapampa that has been cut down for a long period of time. The tree has been salvaged for the house’s construction, and used as the conservation object of this Lodge.

Ulcumano Ecolodge is a concept’s embodiment that aims to minimize the impact on this surrounding environment, creating an improved travel experience. The land’s selection and construction have been orientated to develop sustainable tourism and resources management. Located in the middle of cloudy forest and having a 51 hectare concession of pristine forest to conservation purposes, this Lodge brings a variety of environmental richness, highlighting landscape, water and an outstanding biodiversity of flora and fauna which has registered about 160 bird species.

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The Ulcumano Ecolodge’s mission is to be an example for local populations to balance the forest’s conservation and economic development in a sustainable manner. For this reason, Eduardo de la Cadena (its founder), promotes reforestation programs, bird watching and interpretative trails among other services, in order to raise awareness of the importance of the conservation of water resources and species from this ecosystem.

The Story

Whilst Eduardo was cycling to Patagonia, he passed through the Province of Oxapampa, which is a current Biosphere Reserve of the Peruvian region of Pasco. The biological, topographic and cultural diversity of the region captured Eduardo’s imagination and made him stop his journey to build there a new dream called Ulcumano Ecolodge.

Ecolodge 07Eduardo is an Engineer of Forestry who specializes in Ecoturism. He worked in Oxampampa as Director of the National Park Yanachaga Chemillén before travelling to Costa Rica and Belize where he found conceptual bases to develop his idea: an infrastructure where people could gain a full ecotourism experience.

Flying and walking through trees… Resting in the Ecolodge

Ulcumano Ecolodge offers a wide variety of activities and tours classified under ‘Tourism of Nature’ and ‘Tourism of Adventure’ labels to those who want to explore this area. The most outstanding activity available is the unforgettable 1000 meter Canopy Tour of zip line and hanging bridges.

Photo credits: Ulcumano Ecolodge


Photo credits: Ulcumano Ecolodge

Photo credits: Ulcumano Ecolodge

Additionally, a personalized service is brought in its 4 double cabins with an overall capacity for 16 people. They include hot water and biodegradable products with its 100% recyclable packages. Dinning room, wide balconies and a specialized library are some of the areas where you can enjoy in Ulcumano Ecolodge, which is a reference for socially and environmentally responsible ecotourism development projects.

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