Style, sustainability and yoga unite in Yoga Loft Newcastle.

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The coherence between thoughts, words and actions can be easily understood in YOGA Loft Newcastle. An amazing studio where is easy to develop a sense of community and belonging through its physical structure, classes, philosophy and people.

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About Yoga Loft Newcastle

The studio opens 7 days a week and offers a wide range of dynamic classes for those who want to get involve with this practice. They are specialised in Power Vinyasa Yoga, providing heated classes named ‘Sweat It’ and non-heated ones called ‘Greenies’ which are mainly focused on beginners. They also offer ‘Gen R classes’ (Generation Restoration) suitable for all levels and stages; ‘Sprout’ designed for kids; and ‘Mama Bump’, for expecting mothers. Additionally, they produce at least monthly a workshop to bring information about different well-being’s topics (nutrition, meditation, mindfulness) or to go depth in specific yoga’s subjects to improve your practice. Teachers trainings and retreats are other programs developed by YOGA Loft.

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The story

Cveta Jovanoska is a yoga lover who decided to transform her lifestyle by opening YOGA Loft. She was motivated by the dream of creating a studio where people would really like to go and would be possible to develop a strong sense of community. Her interest is embodied in this studio, there national teachers are supported as well as the community. They periodically offer classes where all incomes go to local charities.

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YOGA Loft opened its doors two and a half years ago and already demonstrates its vision: “to provide exceptional yoga in a beautiful community space that truly embodies what yoga is: loving, vibrant, conscious, healing, unifying, transformative.”

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YOGA Loft is located at Level 5, 50 Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW – Australia. If you want to know more about this beautiful studio and their activities, please visit the following link:

You can also know about other initiatives of Yoga and Responsible Tourism in South America and South Pacific. Keep updated with Conciencia y Confluencia’s news which would be announced on our social medias:

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