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Stretch Yoga

Unstoppable changes are constantly pushing me to adjust previous plans or paths while I keep focused on my aims. Sometimes everything is happening so fast that it is impossible to assimilate one change when another is about to happen. For this reason, one of my new life’s mantra is ‘Let it Go’, and after I visited Stretch Yoga, my body, mind, and soul learnt a different manner and perspective to understand how to release stress, worries and tensions.

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About Stretch Yoga

Stretch Yoga is an enchanting studio located at 132 Albert Street in Brisbane City that offers periodic classes, workshops and courses to release physical and mind tensions making you feel “happy, healthy, joyous and calm”. They also bring private and corporate classes that could be attended in the studio or at your workplace.

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Their classes are focused on a nice, slow and deep ‘stretching’ with 5 different styles to suit different audiences. Therefore, if you are a beginner you could attend “Stretch Foundation” classes to work in basics and alignment; if you want to work on your tightest body parts (hips, quads, back, shoulder), exploring a “Deep Stretch’ class is a great option which is based on Yin Yoga style; they also offer traditional Hatha Yoga classes also known as “Simple Stretch”, because is “Simply Perfect”; as well as “Flowing Stretch” and “Strong Stretch”, which are designed for those who are looking for an active style to improve their practice –these classes are also known as Vinyasa Yoga and Power Yoga respectively.

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Breath, stretch and release

Stretch Yoga and its team are looking for bringing nourish, calm, laugh and courage to everyone who want to visit this fabulous studio. So if you are around the City give you the opportunity to live this experience. And who knows? Maybe you can become addicted to breath, release, and let things go =)

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If you want to know more about them please visit the following link:

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